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Elisabeth Ildal - Public Speaker, Attorney of Law, , Founder of Cure4Parkinson, Cure4parkinsonEvent, DJ RadioParkes, Citycounsil Rudersdal.

EP and Brussels – Time have to changes!

https://parkinsonslife.eu/the-beginning-of-a-wonderful-collaboration-between-countries-organisations-and-people/?fbclid=IwAR1xVix4FQ0ZwL_pFzl9WBHS-W3WIyzk-C_hO-vAuPaiAx5w2yw6N1ZUy-c With a united front, and discussions among great minds, we can create a strategy that will hopefully influence government policies. Debbie Shapiro “The beginning of a wonderful collaboration between … Continue Reading EP and Brussels – Time have to changes!