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European Parliament

I am ready to fly to Brussels next week to advocate for YPwP (Young People with Parkinson’s) at European Parliament.

Thank you to EPDA for having the faith in me in my attempts to change the mindeset of Parkinson’s, at a EU level. A personally thanks to Dom and Lizzie.

One of my priorities and one of the EPDA’s priorities is to encourage EU decision makers to listen and act on our recommendations for meaningful policy change for all people living with Parkinson’s (PwPs). A key part of our advocacy strategy in 2018 and 2019 is to challenge and correct current misconceptions that Parkinson’s is a condition that only affects older people. I am really looking forward to do an effort, especially glad to be a part of opening the exhibition in the European Parliament by Anders M Leines’ Photography Portrayal og YPwP. These photos could change the way the world sees Parkinson’s forever!

Another personally priorities and a hope for me is;

We are not an appendix to Parkinson’s.- Parkinson’s are an appendix to US all. While waiting for a CURE, we need quality of life, I think, we get the biggest KICK for the money by exercising!

Let’s end a 201 year old disease, named Parkinson’s!

Let my generation be the last without a cure and together, lets help the YPwP!

All the best, freedom, happiness, love and hope to all PwPs!

Elisabeth Ildal
Ambassador-& blogger http://www.WPC2019.org (5thWorld Parkinson Congress 2019, 4.- 7. June Kyoto, Japan) )
http://www.Cure4Parkinson.com, Founder- & chairman
Parkinson’s Movement UK, advocate
http://www.Radioparkies.com, DJ
http://www.EPDA.eu.com, advocate at EP for YPwP (Young Pepole with Parkinson’s



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