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Summercamp, radio and a wedding

On July 18, 13 Dj’s hit by Parkinson’s from RadioParkies, which is an international web-based radio for people with Parkinson’s, powered by people with Parkinson’s. There is a condemned summer camp. There are DJs from the United States, Australia, Iceland, Belgium and Denmark. Summer camp goes to 26th July. Throughout the period we send radio from Bornholm, coach, look at Bornholm premierships.

On July 24th, I’m Parkinson’s hit two other Dj s with Parkinson’s on the beach at the end of Udegårdsvejen. From the United States, Joe D’Urso is flying from the Light of Day Foundation with the guitar under his arm to play the wedding music.

I am a local politician in Rudersdal, has a nice summerhouse in Poulsen, Parkinson’s World Ambassador and Blogger for 5th World Parkinson’s Congress Kyoto 2019, DJ at Radioparkies, Founder of Cure4Parkinson Denmark, Advocate for Parkinson’s Movement in England, Speaker, and I’ve been right many bornholmer children at table tennis camp in Vedbæk.

It would be so cool if you could share this event.

In Denmark we are approx. 7,500 affected by Parkinson’s disease which is an incurable disease, with a lot of hidden symptoms, and no, it’s not an old man’s disease just shaking. It’s about reduced movement, depression, sleep and sleep problems. Bladder Challenges, Muscle Cramps, Side Effects of Medicine Developed In 1967, Yes 1967.

I also think it’s the first time in World History that one hit Parkinson’s, four 2 others with Parkinson’s. And it happens on beautiful little Bornholm.
Hope you will call me. Many thanks in advance!

The best summer greetings
Elisabeth Ildal, Udegårdsvejen 12, 3730 Nexø, mobile 2256 8282, http://www.elisabethildal.dk
Founder of Cure4Parkinson
World Ambassador & Blogger 5th World Parkinson Congress 2019 Kyoto
DJ Radio Parks
Advocate Parkinson’s Movement, UK
Municipal councilor Rudersdal Municipality
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and the Light of Day Foundation, http://www.lightofday.org

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Elisabeth Ildal - Public Speaker, Attorney of Law, , Founder of Cure4Parkinson, Cure4parkinsonEvent, DJ RadioParkes, Citycounsil Rudersdal.