Hop til indhold


It was summertime in the air on Bornholm that day.

I was off on a regular bike. 18 km it was on my blue lightning.

I live close to forest and beach. The trip to the Baltic Sea at the end of the road goes through the forest.

Here were blackberries, shrubs, nuts, mushrooms, apples, spices and there was absolutely quiet.

On the beach there were no people and the Baltic Sea was roaring.

I was there every day.WPCLogo_small_150copy

On my way to Bakkerökelsen in Øster Sømark, I cycled past Nexø Golfklub and Due Odde golf course.

There stood a lonely man and trained. He did not hit quite well.

Later, I heard happy voices and laughter from the LM camp, noting in the eyebrow that I passed the lock and wreck it.

In Øster Sømark there was also quiet, just a few German cars. In the small harbor there were 5 small fishermen.

Again no people, only a mild wind.

While cycling came a lot of thought. Most of the time I wondered how I continue to live well with Parkinson’s.

  • As a Parkinson’s, you feel lonely for a few days, but in different ways
  • Loneliness is not a matter of age, limitations, residence. No, it’s part of the disease that you “pull”
    • Maginalization in adulthood, such as parkinsonism, increases the risk of loneliness in elderlylife.
  • Loneliness among Parkinson’s sufferers hits the world over.

  • Presence reduces the risk of loneliness in Parkinson’s affected

  • Lonely Parkinsons wants like everyone else to be part of a voluntary community

-but having trouble getting there

I arrived on the bike that day to the truth, that with a loving push you can walk from proximity to presence and get away.

I agree that nobody knows what the good parkinson’s life is for others, but I know what it’s for me.

To find the good one must know the bad..

Elisabeth Ildal
WPC2019Kyoto Ambassador & Blogger


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