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The five ways to a good Parkinson life. #UniteForParkinsons #PDWorldday

The five ways to a good life are an example of what has given others more joy and profits in their daily lives, also when you have Parkinson’s.

There is nothing new or surprising about them.

The five simple principles are based on well-documented knowledge that can be used by all people regardless of sickness, age, sex or life, and is freely translated after a research project from England.

Experience from this shows that even small simple changes can make a big difference in everyday life, also for people with Parkinson’s.

The five roads are:

1.Be active
If you are active for just 10 minutes
the day you will feel a difference

2. Learn or do something new
When you learn or do something new, you
often see more options in everyday life
and get new perspectives on yourself and

3. Strengthen your network
By spending time building and developing
Your network allows you to get more content in your
everyday and give the disease less space

4. Live in the present
If you can be more present,
can you often worry less and
enjoy what’s happening more

5. Give yourself
To give off and be open to that
Receiving from others has given many
meaning and joy in everyday life

The five ways to a good Parkinson’s life can be used for own considerations as well as joint conversations about the good Parkinson’s life, but also to talk about what we can do together to make things better – in the world Parkinson’s community, the local area, at work, at kindergarten, at the nursing home – all the places where we are daily.

All the best around the World, and a happy Easter!

Elisabeth Ildal
Ambassador- blogger Denmark

World Parkinson Congress 2019 Kyoto
http://www.elisabeth.ildal.dk http://www.cure4parkinson.com

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