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I have something to celebrate today.

Sometimes I’m so stubborn that sometimes it’s decidedly stupid.


For almost four years I have not wanted to take the drug levodopa-carbidopa.


Is it good or stupid? No one knows?


But my neurologist is in shock with me. I have never announced inaccurate conditions just avoided getting into the subject



I hope in time she will forgive me.


Gladly you were with me Vilborg!


Levodopa carbidopa is a preparation developed in 1967. Yes 1967, 51 years ago. It’s the only one on the market that really helps people with Parkinson’s 


(I know it well and have known it all the time) 


I’m the expert in seeing and helping others, but not always myself.


Everyone should know now that my Parkinson’s are in my right shoulder, arm and hand.


It has been totally frozen for many years. It became difficult to play table tennis, especially in advance and difficult at all.


When I was diagnosed for 5 years, I threw it all in panic. Stopped at the Table Tennis Club Vedbæk, logged out and got into my famous closet for three years. Things take time, it’s a process.


I have not been able to write for a long time with my right hand. That is, the first three letters have been read, the rest are crucifixes and six weeks ago, I had to go from right hand mouse to left hand mouse.


In connection with being operated in my right knee almost four weeks ago, I ordered time with my neurologist. Today is it three weeks ago.


Was schooled and had to speak the language, I tell you, in all the years, I have only taken Eldepryl and Ropinol but not levodopa-carbidopa.


Nastaran, my doctor looked at me with eyes so big as tea cups and then it came – the world’s largest shoutout.


Believe me, I have taken levodopa carbidopa for 3 weeks now.


And yes, I have felt improvement without we just not going to get into all of it, but ..


Yesterday I was supposed to fill in and sign an agreement on the documentary film there recorded here in the United States.


I can write again, quite normal – lowercase letters, uppercase letters, capital letters, slashes …..


When I hit my job Thursday, I can go back to the right hand mouse?


Then there is my table tennis, do not know yet, but can levodopa-carbidopa, even if it was developed in 1967, get my arm better, get my forehand to play again? We see!


And have I won the time by waiting to take the preparation?


I think so.


Yes, I’m stubborn, betting, taking chances and experimenting a bit, but it’s my life and me who can feel what can be felt.


The effect of levodopa-carbidopa medicine decreases over time. The dosages are set up and the side effect  “excesses” occurs too many.


Many of the people who have Parkinson’s and over-movements are side effects of the medicine, not the disease itself.


And no, I’m not sorry or sorry. I’m completely aware of what I’m doing – it’s time for levodopa carbidopa.


I have almost finished 5 years without striving to win 5 years at the other end, but nobody knows destination unknown.


So today I’m celebrating a celebration of levodopa-carbidopa’s 51th birthday and I’m happy to take it – I can write again!









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