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Artiklen er skrevet af Joram Frederiksborg Amtsavis og oversat aF Elisabeth, C4P.

A boing coach and a local politician, who are Parkinson’s patients, has started boxing training for other Parkinson’s patients. 

It is a success that they hope to be able to spread. 

In a cellar under a business building in Herlev, 12 people make every Monday and Wednesday sweat, shouting and boxing.Besides the fact that the heating takes place in a canteen, there may not be anything special about it.But that’s still the case. 

Even for all the participants, and the box driver Grzegorz Tilewski, they are all Parkinson patients.It is the book trainer Grzegorz Tilewski and Elisabeth Ildal, who is in Rudersdal Municipal Council for the Liberal Alliance, who has taken the initiative to launch the project, which they call Cure4Parkinson.

“Grzegorz’s son is one of my good friends and when I made a post on Facebook, telling me I have Parkinson, he called me with the same and was a bit shocked,” said Elisabeth Ildal, who continues:”He could not quite understand why I was so well compared to his father, Grzegorz, who also has Parkinson’s disease. So I met Grzegorz, and we swung right away. 

It was him who suggested that we do a project with boxing for other people in the same situation, says Elisabeth Ildal.

Get into dopamineAccording to local politicians, it is important that people with Parkinson train hard and heavily to produce the signal drug dopamine, which is used, for example, in the brain’s reward system, which plays a part in the mood of humans.

People with Parkinson have reduced the content of the signal substance in the brain’s basic areas, and therefore it is important to promote dopamine production. For example through boxing.”By training hard and heavily, you can get started with the production of dopamine and it can help reduce your drug consumption. I also cycle every day and think that I have found a good combination of boxing and cycling, and I can clearly notice a difference in my life after I start training hard, saysElisabeth Ildal.

Will develop the offerAn American survey from 2012 bakks local politicians.The study showed that hard and fast cycling can be beneficial to Parkinson’s patients.However, the idea of ​​linking Parkinson’s patients with boxing is not widely used in Denmark, but in the United States there is a non-profit organization called Rock Steady Boxing, which has offered Parkinson’s Boxing Training since 2006. According to the website, it has meant an increased quality of life for the participants.And says to Elisabeth Ildal, the project is also being developed at home.- 

We are 12 people now and there is no room for more. But it has gone so fast that we have filled this team that we go and work to develop it. We would like to have larger premises here in Herlev and on the long run I would like to think of a center open from 8 to 22 where you can come and go, says Elisabeth Ildal, who has collected funds for the purchase of the training equipment For the current offer.Coming from far away.

To emphasize how rarely view it is to see boxing training coupled with Parkinson’s patients, take a look at the attendance list, where more people have to do a good job to participate in the training.

One of them is Gitte. She does not doubt she would like to take the drive to Herlev to box with.”I have not encountered any offers that are reminiscent of it, and I am actually sorry that I have not found such an offer earlier,” said Gitte, diagnosed with Parkinson in October last year.”I feel that I’ve gotten much better since I started. My strength and balance have improved, and it’s important in my work, says Gitte, who also appreciates the social aspect, which, in addition to the two training days, also benefits from a monthly joint meal.

Søren Jessen from Allerød also welcomes the social aspect.”It’s great to be together with other people in the same situation, because we can laugh at each other’s peculiarities,” says Søren Jessen, 59, and found Parkinson when he was 40 years old.Like the other participants, he may also notice a difference after he has begun to box.”I feel very much about my mood. I’m better when I’ve been down and boxing. I also take medicine seven times a day, but often, the day after boxing, I can jump the last time, says Søren Jessen.

They have real willpowerOn Monday, coach Grzegorz Tilewski had taken his former boxing girl Hasan Al with. Here he helped to give the boxing Parkinson patients extra sweat on the forehead while also telling about his life as a boxer.Hasan Al says he was impressed to participate in the training.- It was fun to see how much they go to it. 

That I have a strong will, but to see these people really cool because they have real willpower, says Hasan Al, who is currently a boxing coach in Korsør Amatør Boxing Club.

“I see many young people every day, and there is not much left before they give up. But it does not make them here. They are just implementing all the exercises that Grzegorz asks them, says the former European champion in amateur boxing.He knows that Grzegorz Tilewski requires discipline so he is impressed by the involvement of the participants.

The coach himself also believes that the boxing can make a difference to Parkinson’spatients.

“It makes a very big difference. There are two aspects, and it is the fitness aspect and the mental aspect. The mental aspect helps participants gain more self-confidence so we believe we can win the fight against Parkinson’s, says Grzegorz Tilewski, who also emphasizes the social aspect.Parkinson’s is different from person to person and it’s good to sit and have a cup of coffee and talk about how Parkinson affects us each, says Grzegorz Tilewski before mentioning Cure4Parkinson’s motto that he has found At least Elisabeth Ildal should just get used to, but as she has learned to accept:- Fuck Parkinson, motherfucker! Life is beautiful, says Grzegorz Tilewski with a laugh.

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