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Diganosed with PD – no way – old mens disease!

Hello from Denmark!
I have since 2006 felt that something was wrong. I put it to my husband Peter, as in all the years past he said, “Come on, you fail not a stick!” And I have never felt really sick! And I still do not. But I had long been tired, taken in, felt I had fallen on it.

In August 2010, I wondered why suddenly I had difficulty writing and using my right hand?

I was a table tennis coach and one day in November a table tennis player asked me about what was wrong with my right arm. I had not thought anything about it. It was probably the damage from setting up fourteen tennis tables, five times a week for eleven years. My arm had for several years been weird like that and I had awfully sore shoulder too. I couldn’t actually take very many of my shirts on and off.

From December of 2010 to February of 2013 I went to many different doctors and hospitals who gave me different diagnoses. I thought I must be crazy or something.

In February 2013, I went to my GP and said that I actually will not stand for it and was passed on Amager hospital. My hand and arm were not improving. Something was wrong. My problems with other things were now huge.

March of 2013 I described everything again for a doctor at Glostrup Neurological. She said immediately, ‘I think you have Parkinson’s.’ Me: ‘Of course I do not have it. I do not shake’. The doctor: ‘No, 1/3 of Parkinson’s patients do not shake.’

In March 2013 and in particular the June 20, 2013, my life was changed forever. I met a wonderful doctor who listened – she’s a very, very great doctor who has changed my life so much. She promised I would never have other doctors than her, and she has kept that promise. I am now a properly medicated Parkinson’s patient with a phone number to Glostrup Neurological in the back pocket and I am grateful.

I almost kept my mouth closed about all this. It was told to only a few. In March last year I was forced to stand up and take ownership of my own illness. It has been both tedious but nice to no longer have a secret – nice to come out of the closet. Now I actively engage in the fight against Parkinson’s

I hold on to the positive in life, there is nothing wrong with my head, and I will not be judged by Parkinson’s. I am not an appendix to Parkinson. Parkinson is an appendix to me. I have control!

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